Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God (P6M Records)

by JOHN 3:16



Limited Edition CD-R available
Digital Version via P6M Records
copyright 2011 John 3:16 and P6M Records

"Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God turns out to be the oddest of religious creatures: a release that fundamentalists would normally hate due to its unfamiliar timbres, but will be forced to defend due to its source material; and that the non-religious would normally shun due to its topic, but will be forced to defend due to its musical appeal. The world needs more faith-based music like this."
(A Closer Listen, 2012)

"Closing with the hypnotic “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”, John 3:16 nicely summarizes everything presented in this EP in just one track. We have a powerful atmosphere, droning drums, and post-rockish guitars all in one place. The song nicely builds up and culminates around the middle, just to slowly die off and make you want to hit the play button again."
(Infernal Masquerade, 2012)


released June 8, 2011



all rights reserved


JOHN 3:16 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

JOHN 3:16 is Philippe Gerber, whose Heat From A DeadStar existed between 2004–09 and worked with Rick Harte/Ace Of Hearts Records in Boston. As JOHN 3:16, Gerber has released numerous works via Alrealon Musique, Flood Records, 75orLess, White Label Music, Venus Aeon, Classwar Karaoke, and more. He has collaborated with artists such as Pas Musique, TheUse, Rasplyn, Anthony Donovan, and Mark Harris. ... more

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